BCS Data Collection ID Scanner App Reviews

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Not Legit

Those of you who are saying this app is accurate are probably letting in SOOOO many underage people and/or letting them drink I used this on a friends ID that I know is fake, but the reader said it was legit.

Works well

You can try it for free. But after a few uses it costs $44.00 a month. It’s ok for business but kinda pricey for an individual. Otherwise I can see how it would be useful for busy bar. Was accurate when we tested it on drivers license every time we did it.

Need to switch to a different device

Can you please email or call me 228-437-2279 we are a subscriber and have questions

Really good

If you are a bar or club owner, this app is a must have. Being able to keep a list of patrons who have visited your bar/club is crucial for legal/marketing purposes. Plus, it will tell you when somebody whom you banned tries to come again. Great app.

Super Easy To Use

Great tool to collect customer info. Makes the process super fast.

Great ID Scanning App!

Really fast and easy to use. Like the new features.

This app is great

Like the new features a lot. The grouping is great. Photo feature will come in handy too.

Poor quality in handling customers

These people are a joke. You can't just easily cancel your subscription you have to wait until one of the scammers answer their phone. It's complete garbage that I got treated the way I did when I had to call and cancel the subscription. The guy treated me like I was wrong for canceling. So this gets a negative review from me.

Great App

Fast and accurate.


So not use this app- the developers require a very expensive subscription fee after so many scans with the app-

Ben is awesome

I had one of my scanners stolen from my bar and there was an issue setting up my old account with my hosted domain email account. Ben and the BCS team took care of me and my businesses in no time at all. Well worth the money!!

Great customer relations tool

Our company manages several nightlife brands in multiple U.S. cities. We have used this app at nightclub events and music festivals across the nation. The app is intuitive and easy to implement. Data collection from scan lists works great in building customer subscription lists to keep in touch with fans. I'm most impressed by the personalized customer service this app developer has provided our company. We've had pleasant interactions when with customer support and great responses when we have requested features or functional improvements. Our company looks forward to growing with BCS technology. -- Jef Diamond Sr. Brand Strategist Rescue Social Change Group

Chicago Land Bar

Amazing tool for any bar. Easy to use and is essential for any establishment that checks IDs.

Effective to a point...

Out of the ID's I've scanned, state ID's register easily...Military & Dependent ID's don't show the info. Military ID's show first & last name...no age info. Dependent ID's show no info at all. Any fix for this?

Great business application !!!

I especially like the "history" ability to archive valid and invalid reads.

Every Bar Owners Dream

BCS is an amazing program that allows my staff to scan every id and verify that the patron is of age to consume alcohol. It also allows us to catch some fake id's as well. This app also allows us to ban someone and make sure that if their id is ever scanned again, our staff will know that this person is not permitted back in! I purchased 10 iPods for my staff to checkout during their shift and use. All 10 are synced via the apps networking option and now every customer can be scanned and verified by every employee. Simply put, this is a great addition to our carding policies!

Bar owner

Fast, accurate app with a lot of potential for Resturants/Taverns. I tested this app on the first day of college night with 100% accuracy. It also impressed the local police!! Would like to see a affordable yearly option and this app is a no brainier for bar owners and even local college town police.

Love it

Super easy to use.


Cost $30 and you still only get 10 scans. It's not worth it!!! DO NOT PURCHASE!!!!

Bar & club

Great app! a helpful tool in the struggle to protect you're business from underage drinker's entering you're bar or club.....


Great app!

A MUST HAVE product if you are in a bar/club biz

Absolutely amazing! It is quick, accurate, and the marketing abilities it provides are endless. Wish this was available 14 years ago!

The next big thing for bars everywhere!

I'm a doorman at two busy bars in Los Angeles. I searched for tons of programs to better helps us keep underage patrons out, build up a list of 86'd customers, and keep track of statistics - and this is the best one I have found. It's very simple and easy to operate (if you know how to use an iPod you can use the scanner), and customers are always impressed when they see the technology we are using. It also intimidates the younger crowd with fake ID's out of showing up. The app + device does it all. It detects fakes, it swipes ID's with barcodes and has a built in laser scanner for when the magnetic strip is worn out. I can program someone who is VIP. If a customer is kicked out of the bar and we don't want them in again, I can program them as 86'd and sync that information across multiple devices at all our bars. When that person comes back and gives the doorman their ID, it pops up as BANNED and gives a short reason why so the door man knows whether to calls the cops or just politely turn him/her away. I can also sync certain data to a secure and private database online that only the owner can see, so that he can keep track of age and gender statistics. This is a must have for any bar, whether you are an upscale mixology bar or a shady dive bar. The developers are really good at staying up to date with the app and making sure they always add new features. They've even heard me out a few times when I've suggested improvements. Bottom line - it's not worth it to be busted by ABC police and have your bar shut down for two weeks or your bartender arrested for serving an underage patron just to save a few dollars on a good scanner.

Do not buy

10 dollars down the drain. Do not buy. After paying 10 dollars, you are then forced to rent software. Real bad

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